Runner‘s Challenge


It informs you about the distance you ran, the calories you spent and your pace and total run time. Every run is saved in a history and can be viewed there.

You have access to Leaderboards, where you can compare your performance with your friends (or enemies ;-)). There are also many achievements you can ... achieve. Easy ones like running a mile but also harder ones like running a marathon! You can also tweet your achievements on twitter or post it on the facebook newschannel.

Of course you can play your own iPod-music while using the app. Just start playing a song and then launch Runner's Challenge. By double-clicking on the Home-Button the iPod-controls will be displayed.

To avoid the unintended touch of buttons, the application can be locked while running. Be sure to enter your weight in the iPhone-settings to display the calories spent. You can also choose between metric and imperial measurement for your run distance and pace.

Runner's Challenge is OpenFeint Enabled.

Please note: You need an iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS to use this app. While running, you have to either play iPod-music or leave the iPhone unlocked, otherwise the application gets no location data. This is a restriction which can not be overriden by us, sorry.

Runner‘s challenge keeps track of your runs via GPS!

New Features